Digital Marketing Training

Social Media Bootcamp


Duration: 1 day


Audience: This course would benefit those who are interested in promoting themselves or their business using freely available social media tools.


Objectives: To gain an understanding of social media tools and plan and develop an online presence.


Social Media Overview
  • What is Social Media and what can it do for you and your business

  • There are so many apps - how and when do I use them

    • LinkedIn

    • Twitter

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • YouTube

Creating Profiles
  • Create a LinkedIn account and profile

  • Create a Twitter account and profile

  • Create a Facebook Page

Social Media Etiquette
  • Be Yourself

  • Know the Rules

  • Listen Frequently

  • Engage

  • Respect your social audience

  • Twitter Etiquette

  • Facebook Etiquette

  • LinkedIn Etiquette

Social Media for Business
  • Becoming a digital professional

  • Formulating a strategy

  • Growing an online community

Managing your social presence
  • Using a social media dashboard

  • Scheduling messages

  • Sending your message to multiple social media apps

Measuring your online presence
  • Analytics


Hootsuite Social Media Management

Are you new to Hootsuite? Or new to social media in general? This course is aimed at those who need to know how to utilise social media to gain exposure for their business. Hootsuite - Total Social Media Management for Your Business.


Duration: 1 Day

Set up Hootsuite
  • Set up the Hootsuite Dashboard from scratch​​

  • Set up multiple streams for several social networks that are native to the Hootsuite Dashboard

  • Begin to engage with online audiences by posting to multiple accounts, shortening links, scheduling messages, and utilising the Hootlet

  • Start to collaborate with team members through Hootsuite Conversation

  • Create basic reports using Hootsuite’s quick analytics

Hootsuite Pro
  • Understand and utilise Pro features of the Hootsuite Dashboard.

  • Leverage advanced search tactics, geo-targeted searches, and filtering Hootsuite Streams in order to find specific information.

  • Take advantage of bulk scheduling, the publisher tool, and RSS feeds in order to create and curate engaging content.

  • Understand how to use Hootsuite to manage an organization with multiple teams running social media.

  • Utilise various reporting features within the Hootsuite dashboard to analyse social media efforts and campaigns.

  • The Dos & Don'ts of Social Media Etiquette

Setting Social Media Profiles Up for Business Success
  • Optimising Your Twitter Business Profile

  • Optimising Your Facebook Pages Profile

  • Optimising Your LinkedIn Company Page

  • Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile 


Growing an Online Community

In this course, students will understand the components of an online community and how they can grow theirs to increase customer happiness and achieve company goals. Learn how to set up your community for success, what you should be measuring, and how you can use social media to solve company-wide challenges.

  • Understanding Your Audience

  • Strategies for Communication

  • Monitoring and Filtering

  • Lesson 4: Measuring Success

Creating a Social Media Strategy
  • Introduction to Social Media Strategy

  • Establishing Business Goals and Objectives

  • Conducting a Social Media Audit

  • Developing a Content Strategy

  • Understanding Analytics

  • Building On Success

Introduction to Social Selling
  • Social Selling Fundamentals

  • Social Selling with Hootsuite


Generating and Sharing Content Effectively
  • Creating a Content Strategy for Social Media

  • Content Curation and Creation for Social Media

  • Best Practices for Sharing Across Networks

Google Analytics

Duration: 1 Day

Course Description

This is a one day training course that will give you a good understanding of how to set up Google Analytics, how it works, what data you can obtain and how to use the data to improve your website and your marketing.

Designed for new and intermediate users the course tackles initial set up, day-to-day management and offers the opportunity to gain confidence and practical knowledge using the tool. We will show you how to build powerful reports outside of the standard metrics. 


Delegates do not need any previous experience to attend this course. If delegates do not have access to a Google Analytics Account, the Google Demo Account can be used. Delegates must bring their own Wi-Fi enabled laptop and have a Google Account

  • Introduction and Overview

  • What is Web Analytics, the tools & processes, the core concepts. 

  • How does Google Analytics work, Setup instructions, Understanding how the data is collected 

  • Exploring the Interface, Navigation overview, exploring the User Interface, Navigating the reports and data over time, Selecting and comparing date ranges, Using annotations to make notes in data, Configuring goals. 

  • Segmenting your data, Filters and segments, Viewing data in different formats (overview, tabular, pie, bar, compare to site), Navigating data with site usage and goals, Sorting data with inline and advanced filters   

  • Reporting, Identifying campaigns and segmentation options, Understanding where site visitors come from, Finding data in a report, Analysing top content, Evaluate your marketing efforts, Understanding the Goal reports 

  • Track your marketing, Identify what works and what's holding you back, Using intelligence alerts to flag important events, Creating custom intelligence alerts, Creating and customising dashboards