Microsoft 365 Training

Below are our most popular courses.  If you require something different or more advanced, we cover the whole range of Microsoft 365 from beginner to advanced and administrator.

Microsoft 365 Discovery Workshop

Objectives: Discovery workshops will focus on identifying daily activities that users perform which can be enhanced with Microsoft 365 and help delegates to gain an understanding of all aspects of enhancing productivity in the workplace by harnessing the power of Microsoft 365.

Audience: This course would benefit business owners and leaders who are using or beginning to use Microsoft 365 and or SharePoint Online in their business.

Duration: 1 day

So many Apps – where do I use them and what do they do?

Microsoft 365 Overview
  • Co-authoring with Word, Excel and PowerPoint

  • Manage Documents with OneDrive and SharePoint

  • Get feedback with Forms

  • Automate your processes with Power Automate

  • Collaborate with your co-workers using Teams for Project Management and communication

  • Take Bookings with Bookings

  • Use Planner for task management

  • Store company videos on Stream

  • Security, compliance and governance with Office 365

Microsoft 365 - Digital Workplace


Duration: 2 days


Audience: This course is intended for those involved in the implementation, maintenance, support, and use of Microsoft 365. SharePoint users and champions, including project managers, business analysts, and those responsible for the implementation of Microsoft 365 will benefit from this course.

The case for change. Crafting the Digital Workplace with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Overview


  • Introducing Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft 365 Apps

  • Navigating around Microsoft 365


Using the Office Apps


  • Working with the online and desktop apps, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook

  • Co-Authoring

  • Settings


Some of the Microsoft 365 Applications...


Microsoft Teams


  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams

  • Creating Teams and Channels

  • Conversations

  • Connectors

  • Team Meetings




  • What is OneDrive

  • Store

  • Share

  • Sync



  • What is SharePoint & Overview

  • Document Management

  • Team Sites

  • Communication Sites

  • Setting permissions




  • Creating automated processes with Flow

Microsoft Teams


Objective:  To understand the power of Microsoft Teams to combine chat, online meeting / video conferencing, file storage, and integration with many other Office 365 and 3rd party apps. Use teams for remote working, wherever your team are and whatever devices they are using

Audience:  Business owners and Managers, sales teams, employees and home-based or remote workers

Duration:  Varies depending on whether attendees are team owners, members or administrators

  • What is Microsoft Teams and how does it fit in with Office 365

  • Working remotely with Microsoft Teams

  • User settings and presence awareness

  • Set up the desktop app and mobile app

  • Create a team

  • Add members

  • Channels and how to create them

  • Chat and conversations

  • Private messages and video chats

  • Running Audio or video team meetings

  • Teams and SharePoint

  • Sharing and collaborating with files

  • Apps, bots and connectors

  • Manage teams and owner settings

  • Summary