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Create a Learning Hub with Microsoft Viva and Teams

At Uniti Solutions w've been delivering training and consultancy for many many years. Now with Microsoft 365, new features are added so fast, it is difficult to keep up. Thankfully there are so many resources out there to help but how to find them.

When rolling out Microsoft 365 and planning for successful adoption, it is important to have as much help to hand for your users as possible. In many companies, it is not feasible to offer training to all users and even if it is, it is important for them to have a reference library or learning portal.

Viva Learning is a learning ecosystem from Microsoft. At its simplest it is easy to set up and can incorporate learning experiences from many platforms.

Microsoft Viva integration with learning platforms

I use both LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn a great deal to keep up to date with existing skills and learn new ones which will be valuable to my clients.

To add these to Teams, I add an App from the sidebar in Teams and search for Viva Learning.

Microsoft Viva App in Teams

Within Viva Learning I can access courses from my learning platforms and from my own training resources.

Browse courses in Microsoft Viva

Or search for a specific course. For example, below I searched for Microsoft Teams:

Search for a course in Microsoft Viva

Many of the learning modules are bite size, so can be handy when you need to learn a skill quickly.

I will definitely be recommending Microsoft Viva Learning to my customers. It's an important part of the success of any Microsoft 365 rollout.

Learning Resources for Microsoft 365:

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