• Jeanne Hatton

How Easy is it to Join a Microsoft Teams Online Meeting

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Whether you have Microsoft Teams or not you can join an online meeting from your computer or mobile device


If you are the organiser of the meeting, you can invite anyone with an email address to join your meeting. If you are invited to a Teams meeting you can click on the link in the meeting and either join in the browser or join in Teams.

Just click on New Teams Meeting

The link to the meeting is in the body of the email.

Give the meeting a title.

Type in email addresses of anyone who is required to join the meeting and, in the optional field type in the names of those not required but who may wish to join.

Enter the date, start time, end time and location if applicable.

Click Send.

The people you have invited just need to click on the link to join the meeting. If they have Teams the meeting will open in Teams, if they don't have Teams they can choose to open the meeting in their browser.

Or you can join from your Outlook Calendar.

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