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Microsoft To Do - Simplifying your life

Recently I was introduced to Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity : Allen, David, by my friend and colleague Martin Revans. It has cemented my thoughts around simplifying my life by using Microsoft 365 Apps. It's also the book of the month in my book club, run by Dave Verburg.

Microsoft To Do is part of the Microsoft 365 suite of applications that continues to grow in its usefulness and can greatly enhance workplace productivity.

I'll tell you a little bit about To Do and then show you how it works for me.

My Day

As the name suggests this is what you will focus on for the day. To Do will suggest items from you tasks and lists which may be important to due shortly. Click on the + sign to add them to My Day.

My Day in Microsoft To Do
Daily tasks with My Day

Daily tasks in My Day
  • Tasks can be marked as important, reminders set or notes / files added.

  • Mark repetitive tasks to save adding them each week / month.

  • Mark important tasks by clicking on the star.

  • Choose a category to organise tasks

Organising Tasks in Microsoft To Do

  • If you are assigned tasks from Planner, they will appear in Assigned to me

  • I flag emails I need to deal with, but not yet. It is so handy to see it as a task in To Do.

  • Tasks I will talk about in a bit.

Creating Lists in Microsoft To Do

Lists are great for organising your tasks and by clicking on a list to see your tasks for that list, you can easily add them to My Day.

How Microsoft To Do works for me

Drag an email to a task or calendar event in Microsoft To Do

I use Outlook in the browser because I get all the new features before the Desktop App. In this way I can add emails to tasks or calendar events by dragging it over to the To Do sidebar and choosing to add it as a task or an event.

Manage all tasks at the bottom of the side bar brings up My Day where I can manage all of my to dos.

Select text within an email to add a specific item to a task or event.

Add selected text in an email to Microsoft To Do

This just works really well for me. I can dump everything in my head on to a simple To Do app and carry it with me on whichever device I am using. I use a Samsung Galaxy which has Bixby for reminders. Reminders syncs with Microsoft To Do, it is so useful to add tasks by voice on my phone and have the task stored with all my other tasks for ease of management. Find out more at Sync Microsoft To Do with the Samsung reminder app.

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