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So Where Should I Store My Documents?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

A quick guide to OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

So Where Should I Store My Documents?

There is a lot of confusion about how and where to store your documents in Office 365. Let’s firstly look at the options and what they are. The golden rule to remember is that OneDrive is about individuals while SharePoint Sites are about groups of people who need access to documents from a central repositary

  • OneDrive – This is a free storage area which is part of the Office 365 suite. It should be used for personal documents which are not related to work. It is really a personal SharePoint Site. Documents that are associated with work and are owned and maintained by an individual should be stored here rather than on a device-specific storage, like a C:\ drive, or a network drive, because the documents are securely stored in Office 365 and ultimately remain under the control of the organisation. Documents that are edited by others or used as part of a group’s operations should not be stored in a personal area such as OneDrive . It is not easy to administer file sharing and version control as everything is user-centric rather than driven by team permissions. For sharing of documents within your company you are far better off using a group-oriented tool, namely, SharePoint.

  • SharePoint - a SharePoint Team Site, is a self-contained SharePoint site. It is used for the sharing of information between team members. Features include document management with change control, calendar, task and project management features and a whole lot more. SharePoint sites have security inheritance so you can control who sees what.

  • Teams - Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365. It is rapidly growing in popularity day by day and is great for remote members of a Team. Members can schedule and participate in calls and online meetings. Many apps can be accessed and can either be Microsoft Apps or third party add ins. Each time a Team is created, a SharePoint site is also created. Members can upload documents to Teams and they can be stored securely in the accompanying SharePoint site.

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